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PostSubject: Weakness   Weakness EmptyFri May 10, 2013 2:05 am

Vez and Sabriell had come a long away from where they started, they met as two strangers, one of them wandering with no sense of purpose, the other glued to a single place unaware of the outside world. Meeting one another changed both of their lives drastically, seeing the lifestyle that Sabriell had made for himself made Vez realize his purpose in life, clearly it was to find those just like Sabriell and show them what life has to offer, Sabriell on the other hand needed a reason to live, and this came to him in companionship and productivity in task put before him. In a sense they were the perfect team, Vez had the vision and Sabriell had the tools necessary. This lead them too founding Sovereign, and this continues to lead them to saving whats left of the planet.

Their quest lead them outside sovereign outside their haven and into the void of nothing in which they met, a beacon had gone off a satellite was trying to send data to a radio tower at a rapid rate, and they needed to get that data, as it could have been a means to finding the great transmission. They were traveling by vehicle, one they had found, it was not the fanciest of vehicles, but they made do with it as it did not run on gas but electricity. They had a driver, he was not truly important to anyone but Vez was sure to treat him with respect as he depended on him as the driver depended on him. They had nearly halfway made it to their destination when suddenly.


A flying beast had flown into the vehicle, not just one but many more hovered around it. They buzzed liked insects, but their entire bodies had modified to better adapt to the current state of the world. The driver was the first to go, one of the insects picked him up off the ground and fired to shots into his abdomen, this provided and opening for the other insects to rip him open from his core. They would take their appendages and suck the spark energy out of each limb with a small straw like object.

Vez would would of course be trapped underneath the vehicle debris unable to do much in his current circumstance. His eyes scanned for a vulnerability to his current prison as the hard rocky surface beneath began to crack he feared the worse. "Earthquake...."
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PostSubject: Re: Weakness   Weakness EmptySat May 11, 2013 4:41 am

The bug-like creatures hadn't gone unnoticed, but hardly anything did. Even having seen them, though, in their numbers there was little that they could have done in the time they had with the speeds they were both moving at towards each other. While there wasn't time to eliminate the bugs before they reached the car, or be sure enough of the imminent collision to give an accurate warning, there was time to scope the area for other things and at the very least prepare himself for the worst. When they were attacked it was the driver who suffered the consequence of the run in with the predatory bugs; he wasn't Sabriell's main concern, though, so he had merely brushed it off as a necessary casualty.

Unfortunately for all of them, the driver's death hadn't served as a good enough distraction. While the one bug had abducted the driver, the others went about tossing the small car right over. It wasn't until after he was dead that they were distracted by the prospect of sustenance. Having undone his seat belt in anticipation to get out and fight the bugs should he have had the opportunity -and he didn't- Sabriell was tossed out of the car. There wasn't much he could do to stop himself or even slow his momentum all that much, but he did manage a slightly less bruising decent. Not to say that it wasn't bruising nonetheless, because it was.

He'd landed several meters away from the car wreck, a safe distance for now but locating Vez was equally if not more important than keeping himself undetected by the things feasting on their driver. Creatures of lesser intelligence were much easier to manipulate, but Sabriell was merely making himself less visible to them. He, of course, wasn't entirely cloaked; the current opponent would likely rely just as much on its other senses (if not more) as it did on sight, if they had some other way of locating him he could be at a disadvantage. That was a thought for another time though, a bridge that would be crossed whenever he came to it, if he came to it.

Once he'd gotten up from the hard rock he'd landed on, Sabriell headed cautiously back in the direction of the wreck; he took only one more precaution which was to lighten his steps though it did require him to walk more slowly. Thankfully, he didn't have to search for too long before he located Vez and after being tossed aside there seemed a good enough chance that the vehicle was far enough away that they could go unnoticed until the giant bug-like creatures were no longer interested in their current prey... Which didn't give them much time at all. Sabriell was basically there, though; it was just a few more steps and he'd be there.

The shudder from the ground had Sabriell freezing in his tracks. That pause didn't last for long, though; he left the ground to take his full weight as he hurried that last paces over to Vez and the wreck. "I still think this vehicle is much too small to be safe or convenient," he pointed out somewhat defensively, kneeling down beside where Vez was, "But the size is convenient enough to lift, I guess." Lifting the car was basically a mix of lowering the gravity below it and in a sense lowering the mass of the vehicle. He wasn't going to make it float, but it was light enough to be lifted; still with some difficulty, but without pulling anything. With a hard push, Sabriell managed to lift the vehicle enough that it wasn't quite pinning Vez anymore.

For fear of attracting attention, he hadn't lifted the car any higher in attempt to keep movement to a minimum. It was successful in its intent, but another shudder from the ground and a crack had them stopping what they were doing. "The ground here might separate, if you can move hurry out." His tone a bit panicked; well, Sabriell's version of panicked, which was still relatively neutral but he spoke quicker.
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PostSubject: Re: Weakness   Weakness EmptySat May 11, 2013 5:33 pm

Vez raised an eyebrow as Sabriell tip toed his way towards him, he had a panicked expression but he understood the reasons behind the stealthy movement. When Sabriell lifted the vehicle off him he quickly scurried hearing those words. He was already somewhat aware of the quakes, but he was unsure how intense they would be. A sudden shake and followed by an even more intense shake caused him instinctively to jump as the earth began to crack open revealing molten rock to rise out of the ground. Vez looked around to better take in his current situation, his driver was dead and his car was not serviceable at the moment. He had to somehow come up with a mean to to get from one place to another without being killed by the wild life. Luckily for him Sabriell was with him, and he put much of his faith in him.

The wild life had almost finished their meal, a spark this rich was a hard thing to come by for wildlife, but as usual they were still hungry... and even if they became full there was still the point of gathering food for later. One insect who had his share began to scan the area, but lucky for them his sensors were slightly damaged. The insect let lose a pattern of methodic buzzes as a form of communication. Then he maneuvered around the area a little bit. The insect the let out a high pitched squealing sound and then flew off as if he were completely unaware of why he was there to begin with. One insect picked up the remains needed of the driver, mainly his torso which housed his spark. Then took off back from where they came from, his follower insects would of course follow. Vez quickly got to his feet and then, looked at the ground as it cracked and ripped apart "Agreed, I say we get far away from this place... mother nature is not too pleased with us again"

He wanted to begin making his way further towards their direction, but he sighed realizing how much farther of a walk it would be, he contemplated turning around and heading back, but that was just as long and just as dangerous... He knew for certain that his immediate choice of action had to lean towards getting out of the area before a bigger earthquake hit them. "Say I know it's probably a bit selfish of me but... save the car..." He honestly intended for Sabriell to take the car with them. It wasn't too badly destroyed just ripped in two. He pointed towards a radio tower about 70 miles in front of them. "That is where we are trying to go so it's not that bad" The instant he finished speaking the earth let loose a blast of multiple shakes, the ground began to shift and break apart and the little shakes were all done this one was constant. The back end of the car had been flipped over by a sudden shift in the land that made gravity pull it down, it flipped several times but the worst that came out of it was a seat and a few minor pieces of the vehicle. You could see the disappointment in Vez's face as he decided to go without and started to crawl towards the radio tower. He didn't want to leave the ground fear he might fall and hurt himself.
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