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Ren Walker

Ren Walker

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PostSubject: Baby   Sat May 11, 2013 2:13 am

Name: Baby

Gender: Male
Manufacture Date: Sometime in 1967
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: blue
Height: 5 Foot 8
Weight: 230lbs
Sexual Preference: Unknown
History: Baby, as he was fondly called by his most recent owner has had many masters, some of them he recalls fondly...and some he doesn't, his most recent master a male in his mid 30's with a penchant for junk food and rock music. This man had once been a child with a younger brother, and they would spend hours playing inside of him, the two boys had once taken one of their fathers pen knives and carved their initials into his frame; a permanent mark that he was there's just as they were of these humans, the older of the two boys grew up and inherited him from his father after he passed away, and treated him mostly with love and kindness, though sometimes when bad things happened, his human would beat up on his chassis out of hurt or frustration that humans so often exhibited.

Despite these scars, his owner treated him well most days, when he was once totalled in a car crash his owner but him back together again when many others would consider him scrap metal and abandon him; his owner was far from perfect but he did at least, feel loved and protected.

Then one day he was left in a garage and his human never returned, he began to gather dust in that old garage...until the explosion in the sky happened of course and he began to change into a human.

When baby woke up he had arms legs, like any other humans he;d seen, and excited at the prospect of being able to see his owner, talk to him, maybe even try a beer, he headed out into the wide world to find him.

Abilities: Exceptionable speed and power, and can easily carry up to ten tons of weight, he doesn't have much in the way of finesse and his manoeuvrability suffers if he runs too fast, making him skid a lot. Can pick up short and long wave radio signals.
Equipment: A pump action shotgun and a runic blade that had been left in his trunk when he was abandoned in the garage.
Other: Has scars of 'D.W' and 'S.W' Carved into his skin on his chest, he uses his old licenses plate as a belt and wears a necklace, the only thing he has of his previous owner around his neck.
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