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In order for you to start enjoying all the things this RP has to offer you must throw yourself in headfirst with no idea whats going to happen next, you have no idea who your character will meet. I know it is unusual but treat this forum as a walk in. So in other words make a topic and see what happens from there, or join someones topic, you never know how your character will get wrapped up in this grand scale epic. One thing I can promise you though is that you will not regret it.
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Moon TAG_109965

Gender: Female

Manufacture Date: Unknown

Hair Color: Greyish Blue

Eye Color: Pale blue

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 120lbs

Sexual Preference: Doesn't Know

History: Like any other creature of this earth they transform continuously until they became droids of this new era it was different of course. But it should how stupid humans where to adapting to things that animals and creatures could. Even the plants adapted to the era. She doesn't remember much on how she became this way, like the process of it, Moon was some type creature maybe a bird or something since she could fly and all.
But that would mean she could also be a some type of bug as well.

But she's move of the staying on the ground unless its necessary to be in the air. Ah! She remembers she was a computer a adaptable computer always downloaded with new software and etc by her master. Though that didn't last long until she was was thrown out in to the world, littering, in to the woods she was a laptop so she didn't need to be plug up like others. But she still needed to be charged as while so she didn't stay on long.

Next thing she knew she was like this.

Abilities: Fly, Download important knowledge, and Transform

Equipment: None though she has once which is a gun but she doesn't know how to use so instead she throws it a people to run for safety.

Appliance: Once a abandon Computer
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