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 The Divine Magistrate

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PostSubject: The Divine Magistrate   Wed May 15, 2013 6:29 pm


The Nurse

Gender: Female
Manufacture Date: August 15th
Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color:Silver
Height: 5'4
Weight:100 lbs
Sexual Preference: Bisexual

History:Before Bri was Bri she was just a tool. She saved lives and lost some. She experienced joy and sorrow in her room. She was most of the time the remaining factor between life and death. This was all she knew. She was made to dance with the humans on their life line. The day that Bri awakened from her lifelessness she had a shock of her own. It was a shock but she wasn't surprised. All of her experiences and "memories" came fleeting to her. Bri's initial thought of this new life was that it is just life, she had been giving people their life back for years..who was to say that she would never have one of her own as well. Bri remembered enough of her own life and of what the humans did that she decided to become a nurse in this new world of hers and that is what she did. She found a doctor and started to work. This is where her story began.

Abilities: Has electrical charges that can flow through her hands to either help or hurt someone depending on what side you are on with her at the time.
Equipment: She doesn't carry anything with her at all times. She takes what she needs from her office or she has whatever the doctor gives to her.
Appliance: Defibrillator
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PostSubject: The A Team   Fri May 17, 2013 6:28 pm


The Body Guard
Gender: Female
Manufacture Date: April 11th
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'6
Sexual Preference: None
Strike was among the elite, she had no memory of her previous life and when she awoke she slightly went berserk unable to control her self. She zapped things just by looking at them, and it was troublesome for her because she wasn't sure how to control it or how to make her ability to useful. She would in time be discovered by, Vez and his associates and she would become one of the original natives to sovereign. She along with the doctor and Que would go forth and clear the grounds that would be Vez's vision of a place that they could call home. Strike would become the head of defense and set up defense outpost in case of packs of outside animals attacked. She learned to control her abilities with the help of the doctor and over time she settled down for a bit.

Once the great transmission occurred she was the first to volunteer for the expedition that Que and Blue had come up with as a means to find an end to the threat. She asked her good friend the doctor to accompany her incase she herself would need repairs and the journey for the great transmission began.
Abilities: Strike has the ability to shoot invisible heat waves from her eyes with extreme precision. The things she shoots become either obliterated or meld with whatever surface that they are against.
Equipment:Along with those abilities she possesses a few weapons that she has archived in her adventures through out the old human wastelands.

She knows how to weld chunks of metal into ammo that she can use with her pistol, and she owns a torch sword used to weld and burn other metallic objects, she uses these offensively.
Appliance: Northrop Grumman's FIRESTRIKE laser weapon system.

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PostSubject: Re: The Divine Magistrate   Fri May 17, 2013 6:49 pm


The Genius
Manufacture Date: Unkown
Hair Color: Silver and Blue
Eye Color: Grayish blue
Height: 4'11
Weight:89 lbs
Sexual Preference: Men
History: Blu came much later after sovereign was built, he was first introduced to the squad of the originals when rumor had spread of his origins and his genius. When he had become introduced to them he instantly took a liking to Que and fell in love with him. Ever since then he has blindly followed Que aiding him in anyway he could, this going along with aiding Vez since Que was loyal to Vez.
Abilities: Blu can process any thought that comes to his mind, he thinks so fast that it is certain he has, multiple personalities that are constantly influencing his every decision... He has the ability to predict every possible future based on the information he has observed, every possible out come that could exist he knows what it will be and the probability of each one. Since he is a Genius of that caliber essentially there is nothing he cannot already be prepared for.
Appliance: Blue Gene/Q Super Computer

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PostSubject: Re: The Divine Magistrate   Fri May 17, 2013 7:53 pm


The Doctor
Gender: Unisex
Manufacture Date: October 11th
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Rainbow
Height: 69 inches
Weight:168 lbs
Sexual Preference: Uncertain
History: The Doctor is among the originals and was the first of his kind in terms of being born with multiple thema and multiple abilities. He was a unique case in terms of controlling his gifts as his primary gift was evolution at its finest. He would be able to adapt naturally to his surroundings gaining new abilities the first of many being things like x ray vision and a magnetic field around his body. In fear of his own power he went to Que as a means to forcibly weak himself. Que did this by emitting anti magnetic fields whenever he was near The Doctor, this would weaken his abilities and make him adapt and grow at a slower rate allowing for him to master all of his abilities more effectively before moving onto the next one. The Doctor agreed to go with the expedition team as he needed to find a means to weaken himself and he wished to get some hands on experience for his new pupil Bri
Abilities: The doctor has several special abilities, so many that not all of them are known even to him but his primary abilities involve emmiting a magnetic wave that revives no longer living sentients, along with that he magnetizes and demagnetize anything he wishes. He also has X-ray vision, and a spacial resolution around him granting him 360 degree vision, leaving him with no blind spot. The doctor has still yet gained access into the full potential of his abilities as he potentially gains a new two or three abilities each time he goes into combat.
Appliance: MRI Scanner

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PostSubject: Re: The Divine Magistrate   Tue May 21, 2013 12:35 am


The King
Manufacture Date: November 17th
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blood Orange
Height: 5'5
Weight: 420 lbs
Sexual Preference: None
History:Que was found by Vez, and when Vez found him, they both came up with the idea of Sovereign. Que helped build the city and went through all of the hard work and struggle of making it what it is today, he is the heart of Sovereign. Due to some of his darker opinions people have shunned away from Que as time has moved on and as such Que has pulled himself further and further away from the city.
Abilities:Que has several modded abilities thanks to the help of hunting beast cores, and collecting archives and thema, his primary ability is that of a generator which allows him to generate energy.
Equipment: Que owns a small hard drive that is slowly going through the process of building a spark and coming to life, He has been incubating it in hopes that it comes to life, but due to the spark being so week has had to siphon smaller sparks he takes from animals in order to keep it alive.
Appliance: Generator
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PostSubject: Re: The Divine Magistrate   Wed May 22, 2013 2:07 am

The Divine Magistrate Everyone

The Pawn, Bri
The Knight, Strike
The Rook, Blu
The Bishop, Marick
Then The King, Que
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PostSubject: Re: The Divine Magistrate   

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The Divine Magistrate
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