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 Transmission... Solved!

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PostSubject: Re: Transmission... Solved!   Transmission... Solved! - Page 2 EmptyFri Nov 22, 2013 1:18 am

Afterword’s the after effects of Fon’s power had made Aria’s speech and body laggy at each time she was try to speak but luckily it was only on stage 1 of lags. She nodded at her words of going to get the males and get out of the city, which was the safest thing. Soon she felt a pull of her arm when the female pulled her Thema. Looking down once Aria had let her go from her own Thema she looked over to the twins then over to the male that she was supposed to watch, Lavy, he looked quite different from before that made her question. She sat his head on her lap as they waited for the girl to come back soon her head was up when she heard the noise of the building making her slightly worried of her friend.

Seeing that she had destroyed some of the rubble for the others to find shelter from this madness, Fon then seen her began to slow down. That made her began to stand up letting Lavy lay beside her instead, Leo couldn’t get to Aria in time when she passed out from a woman from a closer look it was the woman from before all of this. Then that’s when Ren came into play confronting the female. Go help Ren or stay with Lavy knowing better she knew that Lavy needed more help than Ren at the moment so she stayed where she was and went back to check on him. He had a translucent body that made her slightly touch his cheek.


Glaring daggers at the male from above soon the thick green vines burst it way out of the grown and lifted Navi up away from the zombieque sentients. He soon he was in front of Thresh by just a couple of inches away as he listen to his words that made him sick to his stomach. She watched as the outline of a rose appeared in view of him then seen little droplets that was black color from the negative scan of his eye sight. With the last words the flower dropped in front him onto the ground and that when the chase began once more. Her hands were ready to grab him but stopped when he felt a rumble that made him look down. A blossom shot up in its strong reptile like stem with a close look it turned into a dragon like creature.

Navi jumped back before he went for his attack toward Thresh when he on the flower dragon once, he was getting closer he couldn’t land a physical hit so he decided to try his new powers before he do. Covered in thorns the vines wrapped around each other as they dart toward him the end into a sharp point it hit the petal that he made for a shield it hit but since he was to clearly know his new Thema it wasn’t strong enough to get through the hard petal. Though at the moment it wasn’t the thing he had to worry about. When the swarm of robotic bugs appeared from the flower targeting whatever they can get their claws on.

Of course he slightly distracted by some of them and tried to shoe them away until he seen his enemy began to make his leave and with a swat to a bee with the back of his hand he yelled out. “Thresh!” It wasn’t over, and he knew it. Looking around he uses the vines to kill the ones that was around him before putting his attention back on the male thought when he did he was already gone separating into different locations. A curse escaped his lips he turned around to help the others, but stopped at his tracks when he heard another male spoke up to Thresh the feeling didn’t feel well to Navi. He would try to look who said it but it was no use it was just to many outlines so he stopped then heard Thresh.

Ah so he was still here quickly he turned around when he heard the attack but it was toward the other person who spoke up to his enemy. Then next was to her. Eyes locked he seen the grin on his rivalry’s face something that Navi didn’t like the feeling of. As the wind picked up he lifted his arms up to cover his face and held his guard up for Thresh’s attacks that would come out any minute soon the temperature began to go up making him sweat just a bit until he seen the blow that the male gave him. “AHHH!” Thick layer of vines covered him from the attack though still taken him back pretty far but still near where everything was happening. Sliding across the dirt and through buildings body was shocked in pain when he finally stopped leaning on a creaked building he made from the force. The vines that have protected him from most of the attack had vanished into burnt stems.

The wrinkled and smoked flowed from them he glanced up where Thresh, and destruction stood.
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Transmission... Solved!
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