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Tac Tumblr_mn89chfEjj1r552g0o1_500

Name: Fredrich Tacpad (Tac for short)
Appearance: Unlike most of my fellows, I did not seem to walk on two legs, but four.
Gender: Male
Manufacture Date: 2010 (The date Halo:Reach came out and that is the first time Tacpads had been shown. No date provided within the Halo universe database)
Hair Color: White and orange. Some grey and browns mixed in there as well.
Eye Color: dark brown.
Height: 11 inches
Weight: 25 lbs
Sexual Preference: Bisexual. While I don't particularly care, I do favor females first.
History: I had been alive for only a short while, and when I was first made I was very proud of myself for being the newest model. Of course, there were a lot of military exploits during my time, and I had watched a few users die along the way. Most of them, though, were careful with me, and new users would always pick me up and use me for their own purposes.

I have been through much combat, and one or two special ops missions. My users looked and spoke to each other through me, they peered at maps and charts and graphs, they plotted their attacks, and even checked things like the time and the date. I was a very useful and sturdy piece of equipment.

One day, however, my users had come back to their home to wage another war. He had been killed, and as he fell I too hit the ground hard enough to be knocked out. When I came to, I did not feel the same as before. Instead, I felt different... alive... My users were nowhere in sight, but their other gear was. Noticing I could now move on my own and had the appearance of a canine (i had worked with their kind before) I decided that the best way to survive was to gear up and find a new user.

I have been walking for quite a while all over the place. I am in search of a user, but I have the nagging feeling that all the users are gone now. I guess I shall have to settle with a purpose instead. So, my quest has become to find a purpose and a use for my programming.

Abilities: When I awoke unto myself, many things were different, but many were also the same. I could hear, smell, and see people from great distances and knew where they were before they realized I was there.
Being a system that allows my user to view the area surrounding them and hopefully take the tactical advantage, I had kept my ability to see all hostiles within an area and track them accordingly. The addition of ears and a nose only helped with this ability.

My functions also included the ability for short-range communication within 8km in good weather. This, however, is lessened by trees and mountains that may be in the way.

Being a piece of tactical equipment and having learned the tricks used by my users, I too have learned to be very good at running covert operations and even a few on a larger military scale.

Equipment: I awoke with a vest on, and in an area of military exploit. whatever was not destroyed I picked up. Some of these things include small explosives, others are army knives or ballistics knives. A few candy bars for energy, rope, a pen-knife, a few packs of matches, and so on. Everything a small creature like me would need in my situation.

Appliance: The TACPAD is a piece of United Nations Space Command equipment. It is a hand-held tactical database system used for analyzing and displaying combat information. It is most often used by NCOs and pull up maps of the local area and display images. It might be related to a small hand-held computer, or "Data Pad".
A forearm-mounted TACPAD with a dock for the "MC5 Individual Data Net/Terminal" is available as an armor attachment in Halo: Reach. This device is also used by Carter-A259. Lazlo Sorvad also used one. It is available at the rank of Major and for 50000 cR in the Armory.

Tac TacPad_BOII
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