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 General Information

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PostSubject: General Information   Mon May 27, 2013 2:54 pm

Little Bang: A theory turned reality using the concept of a possible big bang. Chemicals created by humans that polluted the earth that would attract and pull each other to cause the four fundamentals of force to occur in a single area that would result in an explosion that would create a bionic cell and a miniature sun. The cell would envelope the sun and use it as a power source, to multiply. The cells would then need to grab a hold of something to bind it to the earth, in most cases... the cells would become plant life, but on rare occasions... the cells would grab a hold of something different they would grab a hold of some old form of technology... a flashlight, an electric fan, a microwave, a radio, or a camera. (Use your imagination) The cells would then breath life into the object... powering it and giving it a mind a heart, emotions... the bionic cells were not only plant cells... they were human as well.

The place of these events, is a small place on earth... An island that is about a little bit smaller than australia, the year is 2901 and the human race is completely wiped out. The only life on the planet now is that of the sentients and the wildlife sentients that have adapted to the new world. The island is the location of a battle zone, where clearly long ago everyone was suddenly killed by some force, there is no sign of it being explosive.

The main city, known as Sovereign currently houses a little over 6000 inhabitants, all whom were once a household appliance or some tool for humans in a past life. They have built a society together where if one wants to make a living they have to work, this could range from doing complicated task such as going into the wild to hunt for food, to simple task such as selling a creation of someone elses design.
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PostSubject: Re: General Information   Mon May 27, 2013 2:57 pm

"Thema a set rule in our programming that determines our destiny, the very core of who we are."- Vez

Thema can be anything that relates to one self the power of thema comes from the spark that resides in all life. For some it is a solid shape, such as a sword, or a gun for others... it is a belief or their ability to do something. In the end your thema is up to you.

There are six different kind of data bases hidden among the satellites...


Only five of the databases have ever been discovered... Deva is only known to exist because all of the other archives record its existence. Each Database governs over a specific meaning a specific form of combat. They were left here to teach the next generation how to defend itself...

deals with envy, struggle, combat or rationalization of the world. It exists for good intentions but can commit bad actions such as harming others.The Asuras are said to experience a much more pleasurable life than Mansuya, but they are plagued by jealousy for the Deva, whom they can see just as animals can perceive humans. They deal in physical combat to crush the physical reality around them. (Touch)

is based on passion, desire, doubt, and pride. The Mansuya Archive is considered to have tremendous potential when used correctly, however we usually waste it in materialistic pursuits, and end reinforcing our unhelpful emotions, thoughts, and actions. They deal in mental combat using the eyes to see through facades and force the eyes around them to see things of unusual behavior. If powerful enough it can create other realities entirely, and leave its victims in a state of bliss or hell.

Tiryag is based on strong mental states of stupidity and prejudice. The Tiryag Archive exist for searching, this archive involves primal instincts ones that could be considered animalistic. The Archive is the most difficult to control of all the archives because it warps the users mind to rely on more instinctive features. The archives teaches how to use ones surroundings to ones advantage.

Preta is based on strong possessiveness and desire this archive is used to take in and become one with the factors or things around them, more specifically this archive will better personify ones thema, and bring you closer to your thema better then any other archive. It too is very difficult to control under the right circumstances it can turn ones spark into a black hole that will devour itself.

Naraka is based on strong states of hatred cultivated in a previous life or lives, the satellites the house Naraka have odd viruses that once downloaded make the user go mad for seven days and seven nights, once the ordeal is over the user gains the true power of the archives. It grants the user range over his thema.

Deva no one is certain what the Deva path is, this is because as stated no one has ever seen the files itself only the files that say it exists in the other archives.
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General Information
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