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In order for you to start enjoying all the things this RP has to offer you must throw yourself in headfirst with no idea whats going to happen next, you have no idea who your character will meet. I know it is unusual but treat this forum as a walk in. So in other words make a topic and see what happens from there, or join someones topic, you never know how your character will get wrapped up in this grand scale epic. One thing I can promise you though is that you will not regret it.
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 Mr. Higgins. Brisby Higgins....

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Mr. Higgins.  Brisby Higgins.... Empty
PostSubject: Mr. Higgins. Brisby Higgins....   Mr. Higgins.  Brisby Higgins.... EmptySat Jun 01, 2013 2:25 pm

Name: Brisby Higgins
Appearance:Mr. Higgins.  Brisby Higgins.... 191427_1235277771879_fullMr. Higgins.  Brisby Higgins.... 600full-the-legend-of-1900-screenshot
Gender: Male
Manufacture Date: 1890
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 150
Sexual Preference: Unless you are a wonderfully constructed piece of high quality film, or a movie star, I don't believe you need to worry, my friend.
History: Ah! I've seen them all! All the greats! They danced, sang, and ran about in all their greyscale glory. I've seen the first tear, and the moment when the bomb when into the moon. I've seen mermaids and fairies dance about in green, yellow, and magenta with the careful craftsmanship of a painter to give them life. I've even seen things as stunning as true love made to look real to the common man with the very first kiss of long-lost lovers.

...I've seen them all, but alas it could not last. I had grown old from my time, and eventually was made to be put into a museum in all my antiquity. Now, instead of such beautiful images, I only saw snobby children wiping their noses and dirty palms against the glass. I saw men walk up to me not in amazement, but in boredom! I! Me, who had given them the first glance of a train, and frightened half of them out of their whits when they thought my moving pictures could hurt them!...ah, but that was a long time ago. Times have changed, and as the years dragged on I fell into a deep slumber very close to depression. When I awoke, things were different, though.

I awoke with my glass broken, and vines and other such things tangled all about. Nobody had come to visit me in a very long time. I had been left alone for so long! But, alas, I felt a flutter in my chest, and a new spark of life put into my cold wooden frame. I was no longer myself, but a master of myself! I could do whatever I wanted, and be whomever I pleased!
Abilities: Has the ability to project himself and others anywhere he has previously seen and documented. Can play movies and display pictures, and can also record certain things for a limited amount of time, and then play them back to a person. He can imitate voices and sometimes appearances, if he has had enough contact with the person.
Equipment: a cane, a hat, and a knife hidden on his person. He isn't a combat-ready being, but he does need to earn a living. The knife helps cut away some of those nasty wires for the sparks, you see.
Appliance: George Melies's camera
Mr. Higgins.  Brisby Higgins.... MeliesCamera02+copy
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Mr. Higgins. Brisby Higgins....
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