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PostSubject: A shady character   A shady character EmptyMon Jun 03, 2013 12:03 am

Leo and Lavy had made their way into Calista without being harmed, while most people would come here to learn more about the origins of the great transmission, and what it meant the light duo had come for different reasons. Leo stood on a high cliff scanning the area, wearing his signature hoodie, and all white attire. He had heard via a rumor that a man would come at sunrise, to this location. He focused back to the information he had received. As an old man's voice echoed in his head.

"Go to the smallest peak in Calista, at sunrise a man wearing a cane, and a hat will arrive... When you see him speak humbly... and state your business and reasons for a spark. He will then make a deal with you in return you will get a new spark"

Leo was skeptical of the information, but as things currently where, there was no way he would pass up a possible means to an end. He scanned the area as the sun began to rise, he could see a shadow in the distance as someone was approaching this spot. He jumped down from the peak and slid on the hard stone landing next to his brother.

Lavy had been sound asleep, curled up in a warm sleeping bag, his glow was completely hidden by it. He was snoring, each exhale oh his mouth sounding like a small chuu. As the sunlight shined down on him he would roll over angrily cursing it away in his sleep. "Curse the Light" He then burrowed his face further into his sleeping bag, and attempted to go back to sleep.

Leo shook his brother, "It's time to wake up... I think the spark seller is here" He shook his brother, albeit with no positive outcome. He then rolled the cocoon of a sleeping bag over and unzipped it, he then yanked his brother up on his feet. "Come on... Lavy..." Lavy opened one eye the other tearing up as his slumber was disturbed. He wiped away the sleep from both eyes using the sleeve of his casual black button up long sleeve shirt, at the moment didn't have pants on but boxers with red hearts on them. He had a depressed expression on his face, and his glow was a purple tinted, blue. He could see the shadow of the man approaching them and quickly scurried around to find his pants.
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